AssetCapture is Live on the App Store!

AssetFuture is more than an asset intelligence platform. We’re a company focused on data. Our cloud-based technology platform leverages terabytes of data to categorise and model components, asset systems and drive decisions across the lifecycle of assets large and small.  We are a team of asset management specialists, technology experts and data scientists working together to deliver results.

AssetCapture - now available in the App Store

AssetCapture - now available in the App Store

Asset Intelligence is about insight. It’s deep data on your assets throughout their lifecycle driving the decisions you need. Asset Intelligence leads to significant business benefits. Cost savings, decreases in risk, and an enhanced ability to make strategic decisions for the entire lifecycle of your assets.

Recording your asset data accurately and with the right level of detail is our passion.  When you have up to date asset data, your AssetIntelligence is better informed and your decision making is easier.   That’s why we have relaunched the AssetCapture mobile application with even more functionality than before.

AssetCapture is our field mobility application allowing you to create or update asset data at any location.   Whether you are capturing fabric, finishes, fixture or plant, equipment for building assets, the AssetCapture app will capture:

  • images

  • condition assessments

  • defect assessments

  • functional fit-for-purpose surveys

Once you are ready, your asset data updates the AssetFuture platform giving you a real-time view of your data for you to manage cost, risk and performance of your assets.  AssetCapture will even store data without a network connection in sites that may be more remote, and then when connected will upload to the AssetFuture platform. Login to AssetCapture is with your AssetFuture login.