We're asset management specialists, data scientists, and technology experts passionate about meeting your needs from your assets.


our role

The schools, hospitals, properties, and workspaces we inhabit daily are made up of a complex network of materials and systems that need to be maintained. Organising the volume of these assets can be overwhelming – and that’s why AssetFuture exists. We simplify complex data systems into clear insights, giving our partners the tools, knowledge, and confidence to make long-term decisions.

Our cloud-based technology platform applies terabytes of data to categorise and model asset systems and components, guiding decisions over the life of large and small asset portfolios. We are proud to scale with our customers, and give them forecast confidence for their businesses.
— Domenic Fonte, CEO - AssetFuture

The AssetFuture Team

Empower Tomorrow

Our team will help you at all stages, from getting your data into the platform, to finding strategic insights, to storing it safely and securely, to training your team in the use of the tools, and turning complex asset portfolios into transparent intelligence. We're your trusted partner in elevating your asset management.


AssetFuture has ISO 27001: Information Security Management System and ISO 55001: Asset Management Standards certification. Your asset data is important, and our information risk management process ensures we maintain the security of your information aligned to the international standard. Certification to International Asset Management Standards enables us to understand the details required to align your business to best practice Asset Management.